Custom Family Portrait- A Best Gift for Christmas

Christmas is that time of a year when you spend quality time with your loved ones,especially your family.There is always a special family photo which brings smile on everyone's face when they see it.If you appreciate art then best thing to do is turn that photo into a beautiful hand-painting.

A Hand-Painting can be made in many mediums but most popular mediums are pencil,charcoal,acrylic & oil medium.Pencil & Charcoal are made on fine art paper,whereas acyrlic & oil paintings are made on canvas.A high resolution photograph is always recommended for painting because it would help an artist to paint fine details & produce good quality art work.When it comes to size of the painting it is always best to check size chart guide of the particular website you intend to order a custom painting for yourself. The first step of custom hand-painting is to select the medium of painting.These are four popular mediums to get a painting made from a photo.

Pencil Sketch:-Pencil sketch is old school but still most popular medium.The black & white sketches are made with graphite pencils.

Charcoal Sketch:-Charcoal is one of the oldest art materials ever used.Charcoal's flakey texture enables artists to create a vast array of textures.

Acrylic Painting:-Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion.Acrylic painting can give a much brighter,more vivid colour than oil paints.It has been much used in modern art,and is cheaper than oil paint.

Oil Painting:-Oil painting is a traditional method used by artists.In oil painting,pigments colors are held together by the medium of oil.The main advantages of oil paints are their flexibility and depth of colour.They can be applied in many different ways on the canvas.

Once painting medium is finalized by an end user,she moves forward to choosing the size of the painting.A painting can be made on standard size like 12inchx12inch,12inchx18inch,18inchx24inch & 24inchx36 inch.It can be in portrait or landscape form.If backgound is of importance then a bigger size painting can be opted with detail background & less number of person.This would help an artist to paint a picture with background detailing along with person in the painting.A custom size painting can also be ordered if the standard size is not preferred by an end user.Below are some recommendations based on standard size chosen:-

12inch x 12inch:-This size is ideal for 1 person/character/pet with a detail backgound.

12inch x 18inch:-This size is ideal for 2 persons/characters/pets with a backgound.The painting can also be made in landscape view.

18inch x 24inch:-This size is ideal for 3 or 4 persons/characters/pets with a backgound.If you want a detail background then we recommend this only for 3 persons/characters/pets.The painting can also be made in landscape view.

24inch x 36inch:-This size is ideal for 5 persons/characters/pets with a backgound.It can also be made in landscape view.Since this is the largest size, a detail background can be painted if less number of persons/characters/pets are accommodated.For pencil & charcoal sketch,the largest standard size is 24 inches x 30 inches.

Once the painting size is chosen,painting finishing options can be selected.There are three finishing options that can be opted:-

Rolled form:-Painting made on paper or canvas shipped in rolled form.It can be framed or gallery wrapped by an end user at her end.Paper can only be framed.It cannot be gallery wrapped.

Gallery wrapped:-Only painting made on canvas can be gallery wrapped. It is stretched on wooden stretcher bar.So there is no frame visible.

Framed:-Painting is framed as per frame design chosen by an end user.Most websites offer multiple frame designs.

Lastly price is an important factor when making a purchase.A dollar saved is a dollar earned.The established players in the market offer high price with good quality work.Whereas a new player in the market will always provide a low price to enter into the market with good quality work.However quality of work posted on the website should be checked before making a purchase.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!!!


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